Grass for your lawn

Hate seeing that boring dry lawn? Well, you don’t have to. Perhaps you should stop being a couch potato and get up and plant some grass seeds. In warm climate regions like Jamaica, the Bermuda (Cynodon Dactylon), and Zoysia grass seeds are popularly. Bermuda grass is known for its toughness, sharp edges, fast growing and recovering really fast when damaged. Zoysia, on the other hand, takes longer to recuperate from damages if not cured properly.

Come Shop, Pop & Win

On February 14, 2014, every hour at the sound of the alarm, lucky customers at check-out (in process of cashing) will get a chance to pop a balloon and win a prize.

It Is Not Too Soon To Get Your Garden Ready For The New Year

Don’t have a garden but thinking to start one? Jump right in! And get one started for the New Year now! We know you might think it is too time consuming. Not to worry, Agro-grace provides every possible gardening tip and tool that will help you to care for your garden.  And if  you already own a garden but still want some new ideas, stay with us!

For new or seasoned gardeners, it is important that you possess three things: planning skills, knowledge, and dedication. Consider your space and time and ensure that you size your garden to suit your schedule. If you are a busy individual, we suggest you start small (container gardening). Perhaps you can grow some seedlings in a container in your kitchen, right at the windowsill! Just remember that your container must have sufficient drainage so that excess water can escape freely.

A Poinsettia Christmas Tree

What do Poinsettias love more than our beautiful tropical climate? Well, Christmas of course! Poinsettias are in FULL Bloom now and will add a nice look and feel to your holiday home decorations.

One great idea is to use poinsettias to make your Xmas tree. Below are the simple instructions for doing that, and some tips to use and care for this foliage with its natural Christmas colours that spread the Yuletide joy. And if you have not picked up the plants yet please stop by your local Argograce store. 

Must Have Tools for Every Gardener

Gardening Gloves
Gardening is often hard work. So protect your hands with special gardening gloves. Simple gardening gloves will do the trick as well as compression gloves that have silicone finger pads to help you grab stuff and get a snug fit, with mild compression to help reduce pain.

Unusual Container Gardening Ideas

You can turn almost anything into a unique garden planter with a little imagination. Damaged furniture, about-to-be discarded shoes, old pots, teacups and mugs, even worn handbags can be repurposed into fun and fashionable plant holders that add interest to your garden in a creative and inexpensive way.

How often should you water your orchid?

According to Beautiful Orchid, a San Francisco, California orchid grower; many people make the mistake of assuming that since orchids are native to tropical rainforests, they must be watered several times a week. Unfortunately, watering this frequently will kill the roots of the orchid in no time.

The general rule of thumb for orchids grown in the home is to water every 5 to 12 days, depending on the type of orchid, the [ambient] temperature and the time of the year.

Build Your Own Compost Bin – In 9 Easy Steps

DIY Compost BinThis DIY project is perfect for the avid gardener. Building a yard-waste compost bin is an economical and simple way to create your own plant fertilizer. A compost bin is neater than a compost pile, and you’ll save money by recycling and by making the bin yourself with these few steps:

  1. For a cylindrical bin, cut out a large rectangle of chicken wire to form the body of your compost bin.
  2. Use wood to make four stakes to keep the shape of your wire bin. These are not to be longer than the height of the chicken wire.

A Garden To Feed Your Family

Growing a vegetable garden to feed your family with fresh produce bursting with flavour, vitamins and minerals comes at a fraction of supermarket cost. The whole family can take part and it is a great summer activity for the kids. Everyone at the family table will have a greater appreciation for their meal knowing they are eating what was grown in their own backyard.

Two New Pesticides Hit the Market


Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Roger Clarke (right), and Marketing Campaign Co-ordinator, Syngenta, Manuel Nunez, discuss the benefits of the Revus and Engeo pesticides.