GraceKennedy annouces conclusion of the sale of its shares in Hardware & Lumber

GK sells H&L

GraceKennedy Limited today announced the completion of the sale of its shares in Hardware & Lumber Limited ("H&L") to purchaser, Argyle Industries Inc. ("Argyle"). 

Syngenta Special

Agrograce Syngenta Special

Agrograce Mandeville celebrates opening of new location

Mandeville, March 26, 2015 ‐ Hardware & Lumber Ltd., through its Rapid True Value and AgroGrace divisions, continues  its emphasis on strategic retooling and repositioning to satisfy market needs.  The relocation and expansion of the AgroGrace Mandeville store  demonstrates this commitment to maintaining market leader position in a highly competitive landscape.   

AgroGrace began modestly as a department of parent company GraceKennedy Ltd., focused primarily on the distribution of fertilizers and other basic agricultural inputs.  Today, the company proudly claims its place as Jamaica's leading supplier for agri‐business, public health and pest management and home gardening.   

Agrograce Shade House

Cash for Your Crop Promotion

The promotion - “Cash For Your Crop Promotion” is sponsored by Hardware & Lumber Ltd (H&L)/AgroGrace. The sponsor offers the opportunity to participate to all customers who purchase any TAKII™ or Seminis™ brand of seeds from any AgroGrace store or participating Farm Stores islandwide; by filling out the entry form available at these stores, attaching the proof of purchase, and submitting the entry form in the promotional entry box. Ineligible to participate are; employees, supervisors or directors of the sponsors, or any of their subsidiaries, as well as any other GraceKennedy company, including direct family members (children, spouse, etc.), participating farm stores. This promotion will be conducted island wide. 

Save water with drip irrigation

Drip irrigation allows water to drip slowly to plant roots, whether by filtering through the soil or by being directly targetted at the root zone. This method saves time but, most importantly, it helps to save water!

Agro Grace currently offers an Irrigation Kit that has year-round value. It:

  • Saves water and enhances crop performance
  •  Provides for efficient distribution of water
  •  Is ideal for small farms and backyard gardening, and
  •  Is easy to set up!

Preparing your garden soil for planting

It’s summer time and while you have the chance you can get down and get dirty by creating your own garden!  But before you get planting, you need to make sure your dirt’s ready for the task. The best way to do this is to conduct a simple soil test to see what it might be lacking.

Once you know what kind of soil you have, you can start adding materials to make up for its deficiencies.  Compost will always be a welcome addition to your soil, but depending on the results of the test there may be different products that you should add as well.

Grow It Yourself

No stranger to innovation and market leadership, AgroGrace takes the lead in developing the emerging home gardening trend in Jamaica. The Farm and Garden retailer has launched a new weekly live broadcast on CVM TV's morning magazine programme called Grow It Yourself with AgroGrace, which airs Friday mornings at 7:10 a.m.


Herb Gardens: The Benefits of growing your own

Imagine hints of basil, thyme, the electrifying scent of rosemary, and the healing power of mint combining to create your very own therapeutic and useful herb garden at home.



Not only are herbs aromatic and credited with having healing properties, they are also essential in cooking and are found in all pre-packaged seasonings. Having your very own herb garden allows you to cook with organic un-processed ingredients, while making your kitchen and herb garden aromatic and lovely.


Grass for your lawn

Hate seeing that boring dry lawn? Well, you don’t have to. Perhaps you should stop being a couch potato and get up and plant some grass seeds. In warm climate regions like Jamaica, the Bermuda (Cynodon Dactylon), and Zoysia grass seeds are popularly. Bermuda grass is known for its toughness, sharp edges, fast growing and recovering really fast when damaged. Zoysia, on the other hand, takes longer to recuperate from damages if not cured properly.